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3/64oz Plain Lead Pagoda Nail Weight (Tuff Tungsten)


Weight - 3/64oz

Quantity - 1pc



The all new TUFF TUNGSTEN by Blue Water Gear is taking things to the next level. Use our Lead Pagoda Nail Weights to change the action of your soft plastics by inserting them into the body of your lures to get those extra bites. The lead weights allow you to add weight to the lure while maintaining a natural profile. The heavily ribbed design also provides more surface area when inserted into your plastic and locks them into place so they do not slide out.

In an attempt to cutdown on plastic in our environment we have also cut down on plastic Clamshells and predefined quantities per pack. You can now order what you want and how many you want. To benefit from additional savings be sure to see the Volume Discounts.

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