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12lb 200M Mono Kamba Monofilament (Blue Water Gear)


Composition - Monofilament

Rating - 12lb

Diameer - 0.012" / 0.300mm

Spool Length - 200M



BWG's Mono Kamba Monofilament Line is a perfectly balanced, low memory line that offers superior knot and tensile strength as well as long casting ability. BWG's Mono Kamba is a great choice for both bait-casting and spinning setups and can handle a range of applications. It provides high shock absorption for fast and vicious hook sets. The high tensile strength and knot strength will give you confidence you need to lay into big fish.

Smooth, Strong and a pleasure to use, be sure to spool up with BWG's Mono Kamba.

  • Incredible Know Strength
  • Highly Abrasive resistant
  • Shock Resistant with Controlled stretch
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