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2.5" 2-3ft 4K Bluegill Munch 40 (6th Sense)


Length - 60mm / 2.5"
Weight - 7/16oz
Diving Depth - 2-3ft



Deliberately designed to be different, the Munch shallow crank-bait is a must have for any tackle box. Measuring at 60mm (2.5”) and weighing 7/16oz, do not let the size fool you, this is an absolute fish-catcher. The design of the bill gives the Munch a unique wobble unlike any other shallow crank-bait. The hard thumping and hunting action of this smaller profile crank-bait is what sets it apart from other shallow crankbaits. Diving at a range between 2-3ft, the Munch is perfect for shoreline cover, rocks, grass, and shallow trees. As always, the Munch is equipped with super sharp hooks and premium paint schemes.

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