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6" 4K Shad Sweep Swimbait (6th Sense)

Quantity - 2/Pack

Length - 6"/152mm

Weight - 1.2oz

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The Sweep is a 6-inch weedless soft plastic swimbait with undoubted durability and quality. The subtle ‘sweeping’ action of the tail demonstrates a realistic bait fish and the pectoral fins are intentionally there to help the Sweep maintain balance throughout the water column. An extremely beneficial feature of the Sweep is the hook slot, it was designed to keep a 7/0 or 8/0 Keel Weighted hook hidden inside the soft plastic, making it virtually invisible under water. The premium paint schemes and 3D scales make for an ultra-realistic presentation that will entice reaction bites on any body of water. The Sweep’s subtle action and well thought out features allow you to fish it around any cover such as grass, docks, trees, and any other structure you might find.

Our team at 6th Sense kept the customer in mind when designing this product which is why we incorporated a user-friendly package that allows you to open one Sweep at a time and leave the other one in the secure package.  

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