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1OZ Candy Craw Skirted Punching Rig (Vike Tungsten)

Composition   -   Tungsten
Collar Type - Hand-tied
Quantity 1/Pack
Skirt Material Silicon



The Vike Skirted Tungsten Punching Rig is built to get you into the gnarliest cover. The head is designed to penetrate cover and is coated in a durable powder coat finish. The soft-cut silicon skirt is handed tied to the Tungsten Punching Rig to ensure the skirt remains attached at all costs.

Punch through grass mats and lillypads to get to those extremely hard to reach places where the big ones roam.

  • 97 % Tungsten Composition
  • Completely Lead Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Smaller Profile
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