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60LB 300M Maji Kamba (8) Braided Line (Blue Water Gear)

Composition - 100% Dyneema
Strands 8
Line Profile Round
Spool Length 300M

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Swahili for "Water String", Maji Kamba is made from 100% Dyneema woven Micro-Fibers, and stands up to any task it is put to. Thanks to the molecular weight which numbers into the millions, Maji Kamba presents a high resistance to abrasion and an incredible knot strength.

Maji Kamba is versatile in both Saltwater and Freshwater applications. From hauling big bass out of the thickest of thick to bullying Grand Trevally's until they succumb to the power of Maji Kamba.

BWG's Maji Kamba (8) braided line is more circular in shape and is combined of an 8 stranded weave making it highly abrasive resistant.

Maji Kamba (8) changes colour every 5M from blue to green and has a white line indicator between changes.

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