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Scorpion Series - Black & Blue - Replacement Skirt (Blue Water Gear)

Quantity - 2/Pack
Composition - Silicon
Strands - 44
Length - 5"/127MM

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The Blue Water Gear range of Scorpion silicon fishing skirts allow you to quickly and easily change/replace your lures skirts on the water. No need to chuck your un-skirted lures in a box and forget about them, simply just redress them with a Blue Water Gear Scorpion replacement skirt. Just feed the hook through the centre hole of the collar and feed it onto the neck of the lure in question.

Our skirt collars allow the strands of the skirt to flare like no other on the market and are comprised of 88 strands doubled over and are 5" in length before doubling over the skirt. The same skirt can also be removed and reversed for a different look.

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