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2.17" 1-3ft Bluegill Spawn Curve 55 Finesse (6th Sense)


Length - 55mm / 2.17"
Weight - 3/8oz
Dart Depth - 1-3ft



The Curve Finesse Squarebill was designed for conditions when you need to downsize your lure to match the size of the bait and/or the fish are being difficult to catch. This crankbait will hunt erratically in shallow depths of 1-3 ft and covers water with ease. Whether casting in your favorite river, backwater, pond, or over main lake grass beds, this is one crankbait you will want to have with you at all times. The Curve 55 Finesse crank comes stock with black nickel super sharp hooks, a faint rattle system, and a premium paint scheme that you would only expect from a 6th Sense product.

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