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3" Dirt - Raptor Tail Chunk (Xcite Baits)

Length   -   76mm / 3"
Action   -   Floating
Quantity   -   6/Pack


A great choice as a flip bait or a bigger jig trailer, the Xcite Baits Raptor Tail™ Jr. offers more size and vibration than its slightly smaller cousin the Raptor Tail™ Chunk. Its 4" size makes it very versatile, and its high floating action means it will always rise in a defensive position on the pause. Its specially designed claws give it a tremendous lifelike action, and each bait is infused with Xcite Attractant for added fish attraction. Available in 22 colors, the Xcite Raptor Tail™ Jr. offers a killer imitation of a bass’ favorite food.  Comes 6 to a bag.

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