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3" 7/8oz Rayburn Ghost Swank 77X (6th Sense)


Length - 76mm / 3"

Weight - 7/8oz

Diving Depth - 2-5ft



The 6th Sense Swank 77X crankbait takes power cranking to the next level by allowing you to cover water with a new and unique presentation. The L-style bill, with a loud knocker rattle, is uniquely designed, causing this crankbait to swim erratically in a natural, horizontal swimming action through depths of 2-5ft. One of the most notable features of the Swank is the ability to burn and rip out of grass or hydrilla with ease due to the design of the bill and diving angle. Fitted with premium super sharp black nickel hooks and top of the line paint schemes, the Swank 77X is a power fishing bait that is sure to change the game of cranking.

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