• 6th Sense Fishing

    6th Sense Fishing

    6th Sense Fishing is a brand that we import from the USA. Their focus is on innovation and quality, which sets them apart from most. These products are of a high quality and it shows in every aspect from the packaging to the actual lure. 

  • ALX Rods

    ALX Rods

    ALX Rods are something special and really a cut above the rest. They come from humble beginnings and have grown to be a brand associated with quality and performance around the globe. The quality in the craftsmanship of these rods is incredible.

  • ASSO


    Asso Fishing Lines are of high quality and have been sourced through our European suppliers. These lines standup to some of the biggest names in the industry

  • Blue Water Gear

    Blue Water Gear

    These are our in-house brands that we source from manufacturers all over the world. We focus on bringing innovation and quality at affordable prices on our in-house brand

  • Custom Lures Unlimited

    Custom Lures Unlimited

    Custom Lures Unlimited

  • Kigan - Master Hand

    Kigan - Master Hand

    Some of the best rod components that we source through our supplier network. These components are what make up he ALX Rods and they are of the highest quality and are known for their innovation.

  • Moaner Hooks

    Moaner Hooks

    Moaner Hooks are made in the USA on high-end Mustad hooks. These hooks are made to last through some of the toughest hook sets.

  • Nikko Fishing

    Nikko Fishing

    Nikko Fishing is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) product offering. These products are highly durable and bio-disintegrateable. They last a long time and are swallow safe. Super high quality

  • Spike-It


    Spike-It Lure Customisation Dips and Dyes

  • Toray


    Toray fishing lines are some of the best products on the market today. They have been leading the fishing line innovation for decades.

  • Tuff Tungsten

    Tuff Tungsten

    Tuff Tungsten is a Blue Water Gear in-house brand. We have sourced some of the best Tungsten products from our international suppliers and brought this incredible range to market.

  • Waterland Co

    Waterland Co

    Premium high-end optics imported from Waterland Co in the USA. These glasses are just something else and have set themselves apart from their competitors.

  • Xcite Baits

    Xcite Baits

    Tournament proven high quality fishing lures.

  • Yo-Zuri


    Yo-Zuri is our range of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) hardbaits. They have been making some of the best hardbaits on the market for many many years. Their components and durability of their lures makes them a must have in the tacklebox.

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