Shahid Ebrahim - Digger Worm


A finesse technique and fairly simple to use. All you need is a couple of nail weights or fishing nails, a 1/0 hook similar to that of drop-shotting and a packet of your favourite straight tailed worms. My preference is the Xcite Baits SlimX from Blue Water Gear. I prefer the floating variety in the 4" sizes as these give this technique the best action.


You simply tie your hook directly to your line, insert the nail weight into the head of the worm so that is is about 2cm inside. Depending on how deep you are fishing you can adjust the weight used. 

Now here comes the important part. Take your hook and thread it through the body of the worm just behind where the nail weight ends (Wacky Style but Vertically), making sure the point of the hook faces the tail of the worm and the bend of the hook facing the head. This will give the rig the correct action and hook sets.



Now simply cast out and hop the rig on the bottom, this will cause the worm to seem to burrow into the bottom or a feeding baitfish digging for food. It's great for fishing gravel bottoms or sparse cover, as it is not completely weedless. Tackle and fishing methods are exactly the same as fishing shaky heads. 

Colour choices are simple, try to match the type of bottom you are fishing, sandy or rocky bottom use Green Pumpkin, on grassy bottoms use Watermelon variants 

Try it and let us know how it goes. Happy Digging!

Article by Shahid Ebrahim

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