5.3" 3DB Series Pencil Popper 135 (Yo-Zuri)

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Yo-Zuri - 3DB Pencil Popper 135



Delivering heart-stopping blow-ups that will put bigger bass in your livewell, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil Popper 135 generates incredible action and a knocking sound that beckons bass to the surface. Featuring a long body with a bulbous tail end, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil Popper 135 offers a larger profile that sashays back and forth across the surface in a walk-the-dog motion with slight twitches from the rod tip, which absolutely infuriates bass into striking. An internal one-knocker rattle also produces a super loud acoustic that calls fish from a great distance, even in dirty water conditions. The underside of the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil Popper 135 is covered in Yo-Zuri’s patented wave-motion ribbing, for an added element of attraction as well.

Perfect for the warmer months of the year, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil Popper 135 is deadly with a fast retrieve, slow retrieve, or a stop-and-go style retrieve when fished around grass lines, logs, docks, and boulders. It is finished with a set of razor-sharp treble hooks that will ensure the highest hook-up to strike ratio and Yo-Zuri’s patented prism finish for a brilliant and lasting paint scheme. For a walking bait so effective it can nearly walk in place, pick up the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil Popper 135 and experience JDM performance and quality at a price that won’t break the bank

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