Zero Tangle Rod Tip (Kigan - Master Hand)

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Kigan Master Hand - Zero Tangle Rod Tip

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SKU: KMH-ZCT-C-5.5-2.8

Kigan Z Top Guides offer outstanding performance and sleek design. Side brazed bracing allows for model top for both casting and spinning. Braces are short for increased strength and reduced side impact damage. The brazing of the braces into the side of the tube eliminates the hang points found on other tops. This innovative design offers a zero tangle tip top design.

Design is mindful of both strength and aesthetics. Kigan’s 3D press design provides incredibly strong ring/frame bonds.

ALX Rod Tip Pairing
Rod Tip Size 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8
iKos- Hustler iKos - Soul 7 iKos - Hammer 7 iKos - Thunder
iKos - Shake 7 iKos - Soul 73 iKos - Hammer 73 Zolo - Powerbolt
Zolo - McSmalls iKos - Buzz 7 iKos - Promise 7
Zolo - Trickster Zolo - Crank iKos - Promise 73
Oxim - Craft Zolo - Diplomat Zolo - Brawler
Zolo - Dream Zolo - Deputy
Zolo - Maestro Zolo - Dragger
Zolo-Mitch Zolo - Grind
Zolo - Rosa Zolo - Skipper
Zolo - Speedfury Zolo - Toadface
Zolo - Twitch

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