3/8oz Tungsten Bladed Jig (Queen Tackle)

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Built to create a loud disturbance and trigger aggressive reaction strikes, the Queen Tungsten Switch Blade Vibrating Jig delivers cutting-edge performance that will put more lunkers in your live-well. It features a tungsten head design and a unique blade that is engineered with a wire extending to the outer sections of the blade, which creates a counter lever action that facilitates the blade’s oscillation and produces a shockwave of vibration at any retrieve speed to trigger bites. The tabs on the back of the blade also strike the tungsten head and produce unmatched acoustics that calls bass from extreme distances to come investigate.

Moving down from the head, the Queen Tungsten Switch Blade Vibrating Jig is fitted with a premium hand-tied silicone skirt that pulsates because of the ultra-strong blade vibration for a lifelike swimming action bass can’t resist. Backed up by an incredibly sharp Mustad Ultra Point Hook, the Queen Tungsten Switch Blade Vibrating Jig is a well-kept secret and responsible for a number of top tournament finishes at the professional level. 

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Rudi Herrmann 06/22/2023

One of the best there is

A super well built chatterbait . Perfect sized hook that is sticky shard ensures you get a solid hookup . Hand tied skirt is top notch and probably the best I have seen to date . Tungsten head is also a bonus as it gives it a slim design which gets through grass with ease. Currently my biggest fish weighed in at just over 4 kg on this bait and all hardware held up

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