Small Bait Bag (Blue Water Gear)

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Blue Water Gear - Small Bait Bag | 1pc



Introducing the Ultimate Soft Lure Bait Bag: Your Fishing Companion!

Set sail for angling success with our state-of-the-art Soft Lure Bait Bag, meticulously designed to revolutionise your fishing experience. Crafted from the finest PVC Tarpaulin, this innovative bag is your ticket to seamless fishing adventures.

Unmatched Durability with PVC Tarpaulin:

Embark on your fishing escapades with confidence, knowing that your gear is shielded by the robust resilience of PVC Tarpaulin. Rain or shine, this bag ensures your soft lure baits remain dry, secure, and ready for action. The rugged material not only withstands the rigours of the wild waters but also safeguards your valuable fishing equipment against the elements.

Enhanced Convenience with Clear Window Design:

Bid farewell to the days of rummaging through your tackle bags to find the right bait. Our Soft Lure Bait Bag features a clear window, offering you a quick glimpse of its contents. Identify your preferred soft bait lure at a glance, saving you precious time on the water and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – hooking that prized catch!

Uncompromising Quality Zipper:

Every angler knows the frustration of a malfunctioning zipper. That's why we've equipped our Soft Lure Bait Bag with a high-quality zipper that glides effortlessly, ensuring quick and easy access to your bait collection. No more delays or exasperating moments – just smooth sailing to your next fishing triumph.

Versatile Storage for Your Needs:

With a generous capacity to accommodate between 15 to 30 soft bait lure bags, our bag is your adaptable companion. Whether you're a casual angler or a seasoned pro, this bag adjusts to fit your collection, allowing you to carry all your favourites on your expeditions. From shimmering minnows to lifelike crawdads, your array of lures now has a secure, dedicated home.

In the world of fishing, preparation is the key to victory, and our Soft Lure Bait Bag prepares you for every cast and retrieve. Crafted with care, designed for efficiency, and engineered for durability, it's the ultimate accessory for any angler eager to conquer the waters. Set your sights on success and let our Soft Lure Bait Bag elevate your fishing journey to new horizons.

Gear up for success – order your Soft Lure Bait Bag today and experience angling like never before. The waters await, and you're armed with the ultimate advantage!


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Matthew Tarr 10/04/2023


Quality product, all my plastics are well organised and it’s neat and compact. Big space saver. Able to fit between 15 - 20 pack’s depending on size.

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