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Blue Water Gear Big Brown Box (BWG)


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What is this BIG BROWN BOX? Well, it's not a tackle subscription that's for sure. You have to be quick and you must be paying attention, as it is a limited edition hand-picked box of awesome goodies from Blue Water Gear exclusively picked by a Blue Crew member in your region.

Assumed Frequently Asked Questions:

How many of these boxes will be available?
5 per month, yes you heard right, that's 5 per month. This is about speed, agility and being alert. You will need to be quick as we will release them sporadically throughout the month.

Can I pre-order a box for every month?
No, where is the fun in that? We testing your reflexes here buddy, it is like waiting for that 1 and only bite on fishing day, you need to be quick on the strike and make it count.

What will be in the box?
Well, that is a good question, you will need to grab one and find out.

What will the value of the box be?
Well, let's just say we not going to send you a box to the value of the box purchase as that would defeat the point right?

How will it be sent to me?
It will be couriered to your door by one of our awesome courier companies. Yes, the price includes shipping to your door.

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