WP4001 - Bulk Core Ultimate Tuff Tainer (Flambeau Outdoors)

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Flambeau Outdoors - Bulk Core WP4001 - Ultimate Tuff Tainer


Designed with a more expansive layout, the Flambeau WP4001 Utility Open Core With Zerust is the ideal storage solution for tools, spools, swimbaits, and other items that won't fit in traditional, fixed compartment stowaways. Built using a watertight O-ring and three strong-locking clasps, the Flambeau WP4001 Utility Open Core With Zerust provides completely waterproof protection that anglers can count on. 

For added defense against moisture, the Flambeau WP4001 Utility Open Core With Zerust includes two plastic tabs infused with Zerust technology. These Zerust tabs emit a harmless vapour that forms a bond around metal components and prevents them from oxidising. Perfect for storing more water-sensitive items, the Flambeau WP4001 Utility Core With Zerust combines innovative, rust-fighting features with a durable waterproof construction that can't be beat.

Dimensions - 10.79" x 7.2" x 1.89"

  • Open core design
  • Watertight O-ring seal
  • 3 Tight-locking clasps
  • 2 Zerust tabs
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Dimensions10.79" x 7.2" x 1.89"


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