A Dream Fishing Expedition

A Dream Fishing Expedition

Day 1: The Journey Begins

Our journey started with a flight to Johannesburg, followed by a connecting flight to São Paulo, and finally, a flight to Manaus. After spending a few days exploring the town, fish market, and local fishing shops, we were ready to embark on our adventure.

Day 2-3: Preparation and Exploration

We met up with our crew at a comfortable hotel and indulged in some local cuisine to boost our energy levels. With a visit to the tackle shop and some essential purchases of locally made lures, including the effective Milliken Spinning MH Rod, we were all set. The advice from the experts and the discounts we received were invaluable.


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Day 4: Setting Sail

The next morning, we caught a transfer bus to Barcelos, where our river adventure truly began. Boarding our riverboat hotel, we were impressed by the small sleeping quarters and the open-air bar on the upper deck. After a day of exploring the river, we enjoyed drinks and dinner prepared by the chef onboard.

Day 5-8: Fishing in Paradise

Each day started early, with breakfast at 6 am followed by a day of fishing in the aluminum boats. Guided by experienced locals, we explored the river, searching for the perfect spot to land our trophy fish. Despite the language barriers, the guides' expertise and knowledge of the area were invaluable.

Days spent hunting for the elusive monster fish were rewarded with impressive catches. Using a variety of lures and techniques, including my favorite Provoke Jerkbait, we landed a significant number of fish, including some impressive Tucanare and other species. However, the real highlight was the camaraderie and teamwork with our guide, resulting in unforgettable fishing experiences.

Day 9: The Ultimate Catch

On our final day, we ventured to a specific lagoon in search of the big fish. After some trial and error, we decided to use live bait, which proved to be the winning strategy. The excitement of hooking the trophy fish and the adrenaline-filled battle that ensued made for a memorable experience.

As the trip came to an end, we reflected on the incredible adventure we had embarked on. With a total of 80 fish caught, including some bucket list species, it was truly a dream trip of a lifetime. The untouched beauty of the Amazon ecosystem left a lasting impression, and we vowed to return for more unforgettable adventures in the future.

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