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1/2OZ White Shimmer Archer Spinnerbait (Blue Water Gear)

Skirt Material   -   Silicon / Hand-tied
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With a low-centred head that assists with stable balance and also allows the spinnerbait to maintain a steady depth range, this spinner-bait is ideal for slow-rolling applications. Adorned with 2 x 24K Gold-Plated willow blades, this spinnerbait makes a big flash under water and also makes it ideal for muddy conditions. Readily armed with a tough VMC Red spinnerbait hook which is incredibly strong and sharp you are sure to be able to set the hook solid.

Each spinnerbait is dressed with a hand-tied silicon skirt and is accompanied with a bleeding effect using red silicon strands. The bowed style arm is the feature that makes all the elements come together and make this spinner-bait something unique. The bow allows the spinnerbait to flex when retrieved at various speeds and intensifies the spinnerbaits vibration.

The Archer's loops have all been welded closed as well as equipped with a rubber o-ring on the line tie to prevent the line from slipping on the wireframe.

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